Susie Tharu

susieSusie Tharu took the initiative to form the Department of Cultural Studies at EFL University. Shehas taught in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur, and since 1973 in the Departments of Literature and Cultural Studies in EFLU. She is currently Eminent Professor, Department of Cultural Studies. She continues to participate in academic and research activities in the Department. She is also a founder member of Stree Shakti Sanghatana and Anveshi, Research Centre for Women’s Studies, Hyderabad and a member of the erstwhile Subaltern Studies Collective. Her teaching and research interests are in feminism and other issues of minority, social medicine and the literary and visual arts. She has given talks at and taught in universities across India and other parts of the world, and published six books including, in the early 1990s, the well-known two-volume anthology, Women Writing in India.

Her most recent publications are Towards a Critical Medical Practice: Dilemmas of Medical Culture Today (with Anand Zacaraiah and R Srivatsan) 2009, and No Alphabet in Sight, 2011, a dossier of new dalit writing from Kerala and Tamil Nadu (with K. Satyanarayana). Steel Nibs are Sprouting: New Dalit Writing from South India Dossier 2 Telugu and Kannada, with K satyanarayana),2013, and The Exercise of Freedom: An Introduction to Dalit Writing (with K Satyanarayana)2013


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